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Andy Connacher

Real-time 3D Artist with a background in Architecture

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Andy Connacher

Process 3D model of a Chevrolet Camaro for a project
Freelance Work

Here I will be showing snapshots of various freelance projects, mostly to do with 3D modelling, texturing and rendering.
If you require 3D modelling services

Please feel free to contact me!

Wine Barrel

  • Modelled & Rendered in Rhino 7
  • For this project, the client had taken photographs of a wine barrel and asked me to recreate the “wine cellar” atmosphere by placing it in a dark room with a single spotlight illuminating it. They were very keen for me to use the photographs they had taken of the wine barrel’s branding as textures in the model which required me to carefully UV map the textures.

Sculptures for 3D printing

  • Modelled & Rendered in Blender
  • For these projects, the client presented me with reference images and gave me a degree of artistic liberty to recreate them in 3D such that they were 3D-print ready.
  • To do this, I used my graphics tablet to sculpt the models in Blender.

Glass Candleholder for mass-manufacturing

  • Modelled & Rendered in Rhino 7
  • For this project, the client was working with another artist who provided a 2D image containing Islamic iconography. The client asked me to figure out a way to project the artwork around a candleholder to achieve the desired effect shown in the attached image.
  • I also had to provide 2D CAD drawings to send to manufacturers so that they could make the product.
  • This was a very enjoyable object to model as it required me to call upon some very niche techniques that I have not had to use for a long time!

3D Camaro for NFTs

  • Modelled & Rendered in Rhino 7
  • This project was really interesting. I was approached to produce 2D vectors of a car for an NFT project but I suggested creating 3D models instead as the project was to be gamified at a later date anyway.
  • I constructed the models in such a way that it would be easy for me to replace parts (as is often the case with NFTs) which was tricky to plan ahead for but paid off in the long term.


  • Modelled & Rendered in Rhino 7
  • For this project, the client supplied me with measurements for a set of blinds which were to be constructed from a variety of different materials.
  • To achieve this, I had to replicate real world materials using PBRs among other techniques.

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