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Andy Connacher

Real-time 3D Artist with a background in Architecture

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Andy Connacher

Performance Market

2nd year design portfolio
Studio 13

Project thesis – consume the street

The brief for Studio 13 was “to design a market that consumes the street”. To tackle this, the site was first analysed with the intention of finding activities local to the site. In this case, there was a drum studio as well as Hove Cricket ground - both venues which promote musical performances, thus I decided to continue down this path.

The Performance Market is comprised of a series of canopies which are suspended from existing trees on site, forming spaces where instruments may be housed, free to pick up and play while going about their day. The canopies cover a series of terraced platforms which give rise to more intimate spaces, allowing smaller groups to perform amongst each other.

The platforms also act as retaining walls and blur the lines between private and public space by separating areas without the use of walls.

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