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Andy Connacher

Bard Game

Bard Game is a game developed using Unreal Engine 5.0. It is the brain child of me and my childhood best friend and co-developer/founder Chad Nippard.

What is “Bard Game”?

It’s very much a work in progress but at its core, Bard Game is:

  • A 3rd person, open world role-play game (RPG) in which you play as the Bard
  • You navigate the world and complete quests, making friends along the way

It was also a chance to learn the game dev pipeline, giving me an excuse to create interesting assets in Blender, Adobe Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

I have tried to document the game’s progress in the form of blogs as well as demo videos which can be found on youtube.

Playlist of all Bard Game demos

Bard Game blogs:

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