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Making my first game in Unreal Engine: Part 2 - AI
10th March 2022

This blog post is part of a series of blog posts about Bard Game!

At this point, the test map in Bard Game was populated by:
  • a playable character (the titular Bard)
  • some static meshes (the houses)

This was fine as a starting point but, as with most games, I felt there should be more movement and dynamism in the world aside from just the player.

This would require creating another character and giving them some form of AI.
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Introducing: The Peasant

To implement this, I decided to create a “Peasant” character.

The Peasant would be a glum-looking fellow with typical peasant garb and perhaps even a dirty shirt. The Peasant would simply wander around aimlessly with a moody gait and, for now, not really do much at all.

I used the Bard as a base to begin modelling the Peasant, replacing the hat for a coif, adding a peasant shawl and giving them their own texture map - what a lucky little peasant!

The Peasant!

The Peasant - in game

As usual, Chad was busy coding and implementing core gameplay mechanics so I took it upon myself to try and apply what little blueprint knowledge I had to code some simple AI roaming.

It’s not much but I was pretty happy with the result!

Peasants! See how they wander aimlessly?

A quick look at the code

I wont go into too much detail, but the key parts are:
  • Every tick (or frame), the game checks if I have set the Peasant’s CanMove variable to true
  • If CanMove = true then, after a random amount of time (between 1-5 seconds), the Peasant will randomly choose a location within a radius around itself and move to it. If CanMove = false, nothing will happen
  • While the Peasant is moving, it sets IsMoving? = true and when it’s reached its location, IsMoving? = false - this is to help tell the animation when to run the idle animation or the walking animation.

Peasant random roam AI using UE4’s blueprints

I exported the Peasant and sent it to Chad and for him it was simply a case of dragging the folder into the game.

And that’s pretty much it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Take it easy,


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